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SSIS 2012 Script Task Logging

Written by Ben Holley on April 22, 2014

One of the great features of SSIS 2012 is the built in logging for packages stored in the SSIS catalog. It is a true time saver but there is one small shortcoming. If you have a runtime error in a script task, you get one error message for all possible root causes: Script Task:Error: Exception…

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Using SQL Server Analysis Services Dimensions and Measures

Written by Craig Butler on December 6, 2012

An OLAP Cube is composed of two different types of attributes: Dimensions and Measures. A Measure is just that – a measure of something. It can be anything numeric: hours worked, injuries reported, and workdays missed are all good examples of possible Measures. A Dimension describes the measures. For instance, Employee could be a dimension…

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