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SharePoint Information Management Policies

Written by Kenny Gordon on June 16, 2014

Manage your content with out of the box features. Most users and some IT professionals are not aware of the Information Management Policy (IMP) features that are included as a standard SharePoint feature. IMPs allow us to configure various aspects of the content stored in our farm…such as (maybe Retention, Auditing, etc.) An administrator can…

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What you missed at SPC14

Written by Harry Spiegelman on March 31, 2014

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got off of that plane in Las Vegas last month. I’ve attended SharePoint Saturdays in the past and assumed that the SharePoint Conference would be similar but in larger scale. Well, that was true..but I didn’t realize how much larger the scale was. There were almost…

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SQL Point and Business Intelligence

Written by Elizabeth Hutson on February 10, 2014

What on Earth is SQL Point? SQL Point is a word that we at CTS like to use to describe the marriage of SQL 2012, SharePoint 2013, and all the new BI features therein to provide rich, graphical data visualization that helps end users quickly analyze and understand their business. The features include data visualizations,…

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Creating a Timed Workflow in SharePoint 2010

Written by Matt Overton on May 14, 2013

Creating a Timed Workflow in SharePoint 2010 By Les Williams Yes, yes, I know. There is no timed workflow in SharePoint. The only ones listed are manual, new item, or changed item. True, those are the only ones listed. However, there is one other. It goes by the name Expiration Policy. I do not do…

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Access Services 2013 – HTTP 404 Error with New Apps

Written by Matt Overton on April 30, 2013

Access Services 2013 – Getting HTTP 404 when Trying to Open Newly Created App By Kevin McCrillis Access Services 2013 has been touted as the next big thing in SharePoint custom forms.  At the November 2012 SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, there was a lot of buzz surrounding InfoPath being replaced in future releases (beyond…

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Driving Mobile Engagement in SharePoint 2013

Written by Matt Overton on April 9, 2013

Driving Mobile Engagement in SharePoint 2013 By Elizabeth Hutson Introduction SharePoint 2013 comes with many additions to help increase the usability and usefulness of mobile devices with SharePoint. There are 6 key new features that will encourage end users to more actively engage with SharePoint 1.   Optimized OOB Mobile Browser Experience What is it?        The…

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Preparing for a SharePoint 2013 Upgrade: Defining a Strategy – Part 3

Written by Craig Butler on March 28, 2013

By Janice Uwujaren Upgrading to SharePoint 2013 without a strategy is like going to battle without a battle plan. You are guaranteeing failure before the battle even begins. You must decide how you will execute an upgrade before you start. Having a well-defined strategy will go a long way in helping you to achieve the…

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