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Avoid Costly Disconnects with the Project Charter

Written by Chris Peck on July 20, 2015

In my experience, successful IT projects succeed or fail based in large part upon the strength of the partnership between business and IT leadership.  It sounds so boringly simple, and it is, in theory.  Projects that are bound for success usually have some things in common: The business leadership has identified a problem worth solving,…

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3 Ways to Keep Your Agile Team Sane

Written by Ashley Grizzell on July 10, 2015

Since we work with many different companies in various industries and geographical locations, we see many different flavors of Agile.  Often when we start out working with a client, we adhere to their existing process and slowly try to improve it as the relationship develops.  One of our teams who has been working on various…

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Top 5 Ways You’re Doing App Support Wrong

Written by Jeff Lether on July 7, 2015

Organizations spend up to 80% of their IT budgets Application Support — the maintenance of existing solutions. With four out of every five dollars going toward Application Support, there’s a lot at stake, it’s critical to do it right. While the actual technical work of supporting the applications isn’t normally complicated, finding a cost-effective and low-risk…

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The Times They Are A Changin’

Written by Matt Jones on June 23, 2015

The Times They Are A Changin’, by the great Bob Dylan, was the anthem of social and musical change in the 1960s. This song signaled the start of a social revolution whose effect we still feel today. If you do not already realize it, we are in the midst of change within the IT and…

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5 Ways to Reduce Long-Term Support Costs

Written by Brendan Thompson on June 11, 2015

How can you invest more in new IT initiatives by spending less on legacy applications? It’s a common dilemma faced by IT leaders within big and small companies. We’ve found that the answer often falls within the group developing and implementing software applications, not the group supporting applications. Here are five surefire ways to reduce…

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The Beauty of the Outsourced QA Team

Written by Ashley Grizzell on June 9, 2015

When talking with potential customers about outsourcing a portion or all of their quality assurance functions, the most common push back I hear is, your testers do not understand my application and business process as well as my team. I would argue that not having in depth knowledge is both a pro and a con….

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Preventing the IT “Dumpster Fire”

Written by Ryan Robinett on June 4, 2015

Have you ever received a sales quote for an IT related solution very early on in the discussion process?  The reason an early price quote should raise a red flag is simple – most salespeople are paid based on revenue and not results. At CTS, we do things a little differently. We attempt to avoid…

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Top 5 Reasons the Agile Hybrid Method Works

Written by Jeff Lether on June 1, 2015

1. Waterfall method is risky when your requirements are not static. The waterfall method of managing IT projects assumes you get all the requirements complete and correct up front, and that requirements don’t change. It also assumes that what you built at the beginning of the project is still correct at the end of the…

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LEAP Support Explained Pt. 2

Written by Amber Lehmann on May 8, 2015

During this series of discussions about Legacy Application Support, we have covered a lot of ground describing the headaches and challenges that can arise from supporting your own system.  We have mapped out the pain points in hiring for, maintaining and updating Legacy systems.  We have also covered the underlying reason that LEAP support works…

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