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An Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1

Written by Scott Fountain on January 17, 2017

In November 2016, Microsoft released SQL Server 2016’s first service pack (SP1). SP1 includes new functionality along with typical improvements and fixes. With SP1, features exclusive to SQL Server’s Enterprise Edition are now available to lower editions (Standard, Web, and Express). In this post, we will discuss the following SP1 highlights: Enterprise-level features available to…

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Once Future, Now Reality: Technological Advancements and their Effect on the Labor Force

Written by John Canfield on January 3, 2017

Rapid technological advancements are making profound changes to daily human life. Computers double their capabilities every twelve to eighteen months. Grocery stores without cashiers, same day delivery using drones, and robots working in fast food restaurants are just a few examples of what is now considered “modern technology.” Machine learning has surpassed what many would…

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Seeing Around Corners

Written by Jonathan Cortis on October 5, 2015

When I was growing up and in grade school, there was nothing I liked more than a fire drill.  It was always a chance to experience loud sounds and flashing lights, get some fresh air, watch your teacher generally annoyed and slightly disheveled (without the natural progression of a trip to the principal’s office), and…

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Lessons Learned from Managing Projects

Written by Brendan Thompson on August 13, 2015

  Someone recently asked about my experience as a first time project manager. After recovering from the nervous sweats, I thought of the following mistakes I made and lessons I learned to create this Spinal Tap-inspired top eleven list. What advice would you share with a first time project manager? Regardless of the project type,…

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Top 5 Reasons the Agile Hybrid Method Works

Written by Jeff Lether on June 1, 2015

1. Waterfall method is risky when your requirements are not static. The waterfall method of managing IT projects assumes you get all the requirements complete and correct up front, and that requirements don’t change. It also assumes that what you built at the beginning of the project is still correct at the end of the…

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Informatica PowerCenter: Indirect File Source

Written by Kaiesha Ford on June 30, 2014

In the Informatica PowerCenter, there are two ways to load a flat file into a Target definition: Direct and Indirect. You can set the Source File type to ‘Direct’ when loading a single flat file. ‘Indirect’ Source File type is when you need to load multiple flat files. When implementing the ‘Indirect’ file type, users…

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SQL Server 2014 – Columnstore Indexes

Written by Kathleen Kennedy on June 27, 2014

The columnstore index, a feature in SQL Server’s Database Engine, received updates and a major addition in SQL Server 2014. Columnstore indexes debuted in SQL Server 2012 as a solution for slow data warehouse queries. What is a columnstore index? A columnstore index is a technique for storing, retrieving, and managing table data that is…

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What is new in ASP.NET MVC 5? (3 of 3)

Written by Ron Todosichuk on May 25, 2014

Introduction This is part three of a three part series outlining some of the key new feature in ASP.NET MVC 5. In this part, we will look at Authentication Filters and Filter Overrides. Discussed Features: One ASP.NET (Part One) Bootstrap (Part One) Attribute Routing (Part Two) ASP.NET Identity (Part Two) Authentication Filters (Part Three) Filter…

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