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Microsoft Office 365 for Business: What You Need to Know

Written by Kenny Gordon on March 17, 2014

Microsoft first launched its global Office 365 (O365) offering in June of 2011 and the adoption of the platform has been growing ever since. An estimated two million subscribers have adopted the platform. Subscribers benefit from a continuous release schedule as Microsoft adds new features and functions to O365 components. What is Office 365 (O365)?…

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Silk Mobile

Written by Walter Kennedy on February 28, 2014

Borland’s Silk Mobile is an automated testing tool for mobile platforms, allowing users to develop and execute tests that target applications on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry devices. Using Silk Mobile, you can develop tests that target one platform and execute them against others. Silk Mobile uses an object repository, so, if your objects…

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Windows 8 and BitLocker

Written by Craig Butler on December 3, 2012

by: Matthew Dean I have been running Windows 8 as my primary OS for some time now and I recently got around to enabling BitLocker. BitLocker has been a great encryption option for some time, but with Windows 8, there are some nice new features enabled. Those features are as follows: BitLocker provisioning – Windows…

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