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An Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Service Pack 1

Written by Scott Fountain on January 17, 2017

In November 2016, Microsoft released SQL Server 2016’s first service pack (SP1). SP1 includes new functionality along with typical improvements and fixes. With SP1, features exclusive to SQL Server’s Enterprise Edition are now available to lower editions (Standard, Web, and Express). In this post, we will discuss the following SP1 highlights: Enterprise-level features available to…

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Email Etiquette: Helping Them, Help You

Written by Ryan Kelly on March 31, 2016

In this blog, I will discuss my personal pro-tips that can facilitate technical communication with both technical & non-technical audiences. While the following six steps are recommendations for corporate communication, the reader may find some aspects that can be used in personal & social outlets as well. Using these recommendations can allow for more effective…

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PowerShell Modules

Written by Cody Luu on March 28, 2016

PowerShell is a scripting language used for task automation and administration on Windows machines. Scripting simple, repetitive tasks such as report parsing and deployment can save time and eliminate manual errors. It can be difficult to manage your scripts as you accumulate more over time. When I want to run a script, I follow these…

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Seeing Around Corners

Written by Jonathan Cortis on October 5, 2015

When I was growing up and in grade school, there was nothing I liked more than a fire drill.  It was always a chance to experience loud sounds and flashing lights, get some fresh air, watch your teacher generally annoyed and slightly disheveled (without the natural progression of a trip to the principal’s office), and…

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Do You Have the Right Size Truck for the Job?

Written by Tom Miller on July 29, 2015

What was the last project that you estimated for effort? While we often associate estimation with work, we estimate projects every day. For example, we estimate how long it will take us to get to work via the interstate and how long it will take to cook dinner. Are you tempted to dive into the…

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Avoid Costly Disconnects with the Project Charter

Written by Chris Peck on July 20, 2015

In my experience, successful IT projects succeed or fail based in large part upon the strength of the partnership between business and IT leadership.  It sounds so boringly simple, and it is, in theory.  Projects that are bound for success usually have some things in common: The business leadership has identified a problem worth solving,…

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3 Ways to Keep Your Agile Team Sane

Written by Ashley Grizzell on July 10, 2015

Since we work with many different companies in various industries and geographical locations, we see many different flavors of Agile.  Often when we start out working with a client, we adhere to their existing process and slowly try to improve it as the relationship develops.  One of our teams who has been working on various…

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Modify the Default iOS Keyboard

Written by Brian Ponath on April 2, 2014

This article is going to cover how to modify the default iOS keyboard to make it more usable for filling out a form in an app. We’ll be using Visual Studio 2013 with the Xamarin.iOS libraries. There are plenty of examples out there showing how to do things in objective-C. Finding the examples that show…

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