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Top 5 Ways You’re Doing App Support Wrong

Written by Jeff Lether on July 7, 2015

Organizations spend up to 80% of their IT budgets Application Support — the maintenance of existing solutions. With four out of every five dollars going toward Application Support, there’s a lot at stake, it’s critical to do it right. While the actual technical work of supporting the applications isn’t normally complicated, finding a cost-effective and low-risk…

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5 Ways to Reduce Long-Term Support Costs

Written by Brendan Thompson on June 11, 2015

How can you invest more in new IT initiatives by spending less on legacy applications? It’s a common dilemma faced by IT leaders within big and small companies. We’ve found that the answer often falls within the group developing and implementing software applications, not the group supporting applications. Here are five surefire ways to reduce…

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LEAP Support Explained Pt. 2

Written by Amber Lehmann on May 8, 2015

During this series of discussions about Legacy Application Support, we have covered a lot of ground describing the headaches and challenges that can arise from supporting your own system.  We have mapped out the pain points in hiring for, maintaining and updating Legacy systems.  We have also covered the underlying reason that LEAP support works…

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LEAP Support Explained Pt. 1

Written by Amber Lehmann on April 29, 2015

The key factors that define the LEAP support service line were designed with two goals in mind: Mitigate Risk Avoid Application Failure It’s a simple concept that is reliant on effectively managing three key supporting aspects: People (Project Teams) Tools Processes In today’s post, we are going to discuss the “people” aspect of a LEAP…

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“Talk to Joe” Application Support

Written by Amber Lehmann on April 24, 2015

Trends in Application Support management and maintenance are changing.  These are no longer the days of long-term employees managing and maintaining internal application systems.  Companies that have internal or outdated systems, known as Legacy systems, are faced with the challenge of keeping their systems running smoothly to avoid application failure, and figuring out a way to…

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Maintaining Legacy Systems Through Team Management

Written by Amber Lehmann on April 10, 2015

For many organizations maintaining their own Legacy application systems the reality of burnout and turnover exists on a monumental scale.  CTS has a developed a way to keep Legacy systems running smoothly for their clients by a proven process of team management.   It is the foundation of all CTS LEAP Support Projects.  It is…

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Look Before You Leap

Written by Amber Lehmann on April 9, 2015

Did you know that maintaining and upgrading Legacy systems is one of the most difficult challenges CIOs face today? Constant technological change often weakens the business value of Legacy systems, which have been developed over the years through huge investments. In addition, companies are finding it harder to find personnel with the skill set to…

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The Challenges of Maintaining a Legacy System

Written by Amber Lehmann on April 7, 2015

Did you know that Legacy technologies continue to persist due to their tried and tested nature, stability, and ability to meet user demands?  The cost of replacing these systems and the inherent difficulties raised during migrating systems that require continual availability pose significant obstacles.  Internal app support teams that maintain these Legacy systems encounter many…

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