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Email Etiquette: Helping Them, Help You

Written by Ryan Kelly on March 31, 2016

In this blog, I will discuss my personal pro-tips that can facilitate technical communication with both technical & non-technical audiences. While the following six steps are recommendations for corporate communication, the reader may find some aspects that can be used in personal & social outlets as well. Using these recommendations can allow for more effective…

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3 Ways to Make Your WiX Installer Work For You

Written by Nelson Hearn on March 29, 2016

Ah, the WiX toolset, a myriad of XML, pining for the attentions of .msi and setup enthusiasts everywhere. After becoming the standard for producing Microsoft installers, WiX has attempted to supply documentation and forums in order to provide the means necessary to create any needed installer. After a recent project, I found myself wishing I…

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PowerShell Modules

Written by Cody Luu on March 28, 2016

PowerShell is a scripting language used for task automation and administration on Windows machines. Scripting simple, repetitive tasks such as report parsing and deployment can save time and eliminate manual errors. It can be difficult to manage your scripts as you accumulate more over time. When I want to run a script, I follow these…

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Manual Testing: Why and When?

Written by Jeff Lether on March 9, 2016

Many software developers instinctively know they need to test their solutions, but they aren’t always clear on the best way to proceed. There’s manual testing versus automated testing. There’s scripted testing versus exploratory testing. There are many other choices and possibilities to consider. Navigating the variety of choices to pick the approach that best fits…

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The Benefits of Multiple Project Roles

Written by Ashley Grizzell on March 4, 2016

I joined CTS, Inc. as a Software Engineer right after graduating from college.  I was eager to start coding and developing something in the real world. I was surprised however, when my first assignment was to test an application one of our teams had been working on.  That project experience not only allowed me to…

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