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WIP Your Agile Team Into Shape!

Written by Dwight McCants on January 14, 2016

If it seems like your agile team constantly bottlenecks during a certain stage of a workflow, Work In Progress (WIP) limits may be your solution. Agile teams implement WIP limits to control the number of active items within each stage of an agile workflow. This control allows a team to concentrate on a concise amount…

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Raspberry Pi – Delicious Dessert or Door to the Future?

Written by Wayne Keadle on January 6, 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quite the buzz in the modern day of Geekdom. IoT is the networking of any sensor, software or electronic device. The devices or “things” manage other “things” through the Internet, which is obviously a very large network. Can you imagine a world where all electronic devices and software communicate…

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