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Lessons Learned from Managing Projects

Written by Brendan Thompson on August 13, 2015

  Someone recently asked about my experience as a first time project manager. After recovering from the nervous sweats, I thought of the following mistakes I made and lessons I learned to create this Spinal Tap-inspired top eleven list. What advice would you share with a first time project manager? Regardless of the project type,…

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The Real Reasons Behind Incorrect Software Estimation – Part 1

Written by Jeff Lether on August 6, 2015

Software estimation is a notoriously difficult activity. According to an industry analysis such as the Chaos Report by the Standish Group, a large number of projects don’t meet original estimates. They suffer overruns on time, money, or both. This is fueled by the complex nature of software solutions, the dynamically changing real-world problems they try…

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Extracting Data Shouldn’t Be Painful

Written by Matt Jones on August 4, 2015

For many IT professionals, this 1823 illustration by Louis Boilly perfectly captures our feelings toward data extraction. In my last post, The Times They Are a Changin’, I stated that the current Question First process for business intelligence evolved out of a time where data extraction was difficult and time consuming. I also talked about…

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