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Preventing the IT “Dumpster Fire”

Written by Ryan Robinett on June 4, 2015

Have you ever received a sales quote for an IT related solution very early on in the discussion process?  The reason an early price quote should raise a red flag is simple – most salespeople are paid based on revenue and not results. At CTS, we do things a little differently. We attempt to avoid turning IT projects into massive projects beyond our control (or raging dumpster fires) by embracing the team based sales approach. Here is why it works.

At CTS, we lead our sales teams differently. First, we act as a full service delivery team. We price projects based on information provided from the consultants that are going to deliver the project, not simply the sales team alone. CTS has a highly qualified sales team, but when we get an opportunity to propose a solution we travel in packs. We often flood a prospect’s boardroom with a sales person, a delivery manager, an architect, and the geography leader. It is a big team and sometimes it can be uncomfortable to the client. It is always effective though.

Why so many people? CTS is a geography centric IT solutions provider. We provide great solutions, not just great resumes. To provide great solutions, we first have to be able to define the problem, and then articulate it in a way that IT, lines-of-business, and executives can understand. I would like to say, “easily understand” here but we live in a complex world and if solving the problem was easy, we wouldn’t be having the conversation. When we approach a problem, our team serves the following roles:

  • The sales people own the relationship and understand the issues facing the prospect
  • The technical people understand, articulate, and then design the solution
  • The Delivery Manager or Senior Manager is accountable for the delivery of the solution, client satisfaction, and management of the team
  • The Geography Lead or Managing Director understands the market as a whole and can lead the negotiation.

Our goal for every account is simple – to deliver great solutions and be invited back for the next opportunity. We live in the cities and communities in which we work, so we grow through solving a problem, proving our delivery capabilities, and growing into thriving mutually beneficial partnerships. We know you cannot afford the IT “dumpster fire” and, given our local model, neither can we.