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“Talk to Joe” Application Support

Written by Amber Lehmann on April 24, 2015

Trends in Application Support management and maintenance are changing.  These are no longer the days of long-term employees managing and maintaining internal application systems.  Companies that have internal or outdated systems, known as Legacy systems, are faced with the challenge of keeping their systems running smoothly to avoid application failure, and figuring out a way to hire a support team that helps keep it up and running.  Many companies running Legacy systems follow the “Talk to Joe” concept.  Allow me to explain this very common process and its challenges.

Many companies that are running Legacy systems have no supporting documentation to run these systems, and all the supporting staff have retired or left the company — except for “Joe.” Need an enhancement or have a question? You must “talk to Joe.” Something went wrong with the system?  Go “talk to Joe.”

While this may provide job security for “Joe,” it’s a risky way to run a business. What if “Joe” leaves?  How do you fill his position?  Who is going to have the knowledge that “Joe” had and took with him when he left?   How does a company hire for this position — or keep people in this position once hired?  The answer is simple — they don’t and they don’t have to.

LEAP (Legacy Application) support is the sensible solution to the “Talk to Joe” concept.  LEAP support solves the issue of hiring for a Legacy system that is crucial to maintaining business operations, and the issue of actually supporting the system.  CTS developed the LEAP solution as a result of this trend in application support.  By hiring an external, experienced team with a proven methodology of application support, a company can avoid application failure and no longer worry about developing an application support team with no documentation. It’s a proven solution to a very common and growing challenge.


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