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The LEAP Approach

Written by Amber Lehmann on April 16, 2015

LEAP support engagements progress through three stages that cover the entire discovery, support and renewal process.

CTS will approach LEAP projects based on discovery meetings, system walk-throughs, environment evaluation, backlog generation, and recommendations. Steps occur in the following order:

  • CTS will initiate discovery meetings with the system owners. Through these meetings, CTS will complete system walk-throughs, evaluations, and begin generating a backlog of issues, business, and engagement risks.
  • CTS will transfer the issue backlog to the ticketing system and engage the system owners to review, prioritize the backlog, and develop release schedules. Through this process, the system owner will assign one of the following priorities to each ticket:

1.   Critical – Must resolve immediately, might require immediate hotfix

2.   High – Must resolve soon, system is functional with workarounds

3.   Normal – Workarounds in place but system is not ideal, schedule in release

4.   Low – Identified minor issue, system is functional but needs improvement

5.   N/A – No priority, captured on list for later evaluation or for task tracking

  • CTS will initiate support activities once the backlog is generated, prioritized, and scheduled. Support activities will target the highest-priority open tickets first and then proceed to lower priority items. The system owner will submit additional tickets through email or phone line as required. Each new ticket will receive a priority and schedule as defined by the owner.

CTS will provide status reports to the environment owner on regular intervals to review progress, evaluate the backlog, and define the appropriate schedules.


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