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Maintaining Legacy Systems Through Team Management

Written by Amber Lehmann on April 10, 2015

For many organizations maintaining their own Legacy application systems the reality of burnout and turnover exists on a monumental scale.  CTS has a developed a way to keep Legacy systems running smoothly for their clients by a proven process of team management.   It is the foundation of all CTS LEAP Support Projects.  It is with this process that a LEAP Support Project is successful each and every time.  CTS develops clear career paths for its employees, cross-trains members of the project team, and practices what is referred to as “intentional rotation” of the project team.  By design, this process tackles the reality of burnout and turnover, creates multiple resources familiar with the application, ensures dedicated application maintenance, and most importantly mitigates risk for the client.

The process begins with a core team that performs the discovery and documentation, including a Team Lead. The opening team completes the initial discovery and kicks off the first (set of) deliverables.  After that rotation starts with QA leads. CTS adds more team members and an experienced Team Lead to swap with the initial Team Lead.

This process provides a blended team to handle cross training, functional experience and expertise, and PTO coverage, etc.

The core support team gains certifications for their core applications.  As each team member progresses in their certifications, other team members replace them at that level of expertise.

This process creates multiple resources familiar with the application at various levels.  It also creates very happy CTS employees.  Happy employees make productive employees, and productive employees are a benefit to our clients.


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