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Look Before You Leap

Written by Amber Lehmann on April 9, 2015

Did you know that maintaining and upgrading Legacy systems is one of the most difficult challenges CIOs face today? Constant technological change often weakens the business value of Legacy systems, which have been developed over the years through huge investments.

In addition, companies are finding it harder to find personnel with the skill set to manage these systems.  According to Alan Rodger, senior research analyst at Butler Group, “There is definitely a skills shortage. It is a ticking clock because you cannot expect to be able to find people with specific Legacy skills forever. Legacy skills are not attractive ones to have.”

The personnel problems associated with Legacy systems are plentiful.  Users can end up dependent on a small number of older staff to maintain their systems, people who inevitably move on or retire, taking their knowledge with them.

Despite their obsolescence, Legacy systems continue to provide a competitive advantage through supporting unique business processes and containing invaluable knowledge and historical data.

All of the reasons previously mentioned create the need for CTS’s Legacy Application Support Service Line. (LEAP).  CTS designed LEAP for clients who have deployed an internally developed software system and are struggling with maintaining it, driven by lack of internal resources and the need to protect their investment.  CTS leverages expertise gained from other clients and applications to offer solutions for companies running Legacy systems.

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