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Is Internal Application & Maintenance Support Causing Staffing Challenges?

Written by Amber Lehmann on April 3, 2015

Did you know that a company’s typical Application Maintenance and Support team consists of a fixed number of resources deployed to provide several types of services that they may or may not be qualified to provide? Companies can frequently find themselves in several staffing predicaments related to their app support teams.

Some services that internal app support teams provide are:
1. Resolution of Incidents and Problems
2. Consultation Services – Answer questions about the operation of the system and provide planning services to customer
3. Scheduled services such as planned enhancements to add capabilities or provide custom one-time access to information

Companies often find they do not have the right number of people assigned to their support team or that not all members of the team have the qualifications to fully handle the complicated problems that arise from app support. In addition, they may find they inefficiently handle spikes in support requirements.  Companies may ask themselves if their internal support services are beneficial or are they simply “busy work” to occupy a fixed team of resources. Companies facing these challenges should consider choosing an alternative to internal application and support.

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