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Meet Radha Mukkai, Director of Technology Services, CTS Charlotte

Written by Radha Mukkai on December 5, 2014

This week in our “Tech Talk” series, we head to Charlotte to meet Radha Mukkai, Director of Technology Services.


Radha, how long have you been with CTS, and what keeps you here?

I have been at CTS for 10 years. I started out of school and had the opportunity to work in different roles – Developer, Tester,  Team Lead, Project Manager, Consultant, and now as a Director with responsibility to grow the Charlotte office.

The challenge of Consulting within a Professional Services environment and providing solutions that exceeds our clients’ needs is what keeps me at CTS.

What types of projects are you currently overseeing, and what technologies are involved?

My focus currently is on three clients involving Business Intelligence and Application Integration. I am involved with Informatica, Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft BizTalk Server. The variety keeps my work challenging!

What was the most recent training initiative your team accomplished? What was the outcome?

The most recent training initiative was around Microsoft BizTalk Server. The team here in Charlotte was able to be productive with BizTalk very quickly. A big advantage is the tailored curriculum we have around core technologies and the smart Consultants we hire.

What emerging trend in technology are you most excited about?

I am most excited about wearables and the ability that these technologies afford to monitor our health and fitness. The smartphone got the Internet in our hands. The next revolution is about understanding our health right from our arm!

What has been your most memorable experience at CTS?

There are two projects that come to mind. One was a challenging business intelligence project for a Financial Services client based in Birmingham, AL. The team was able to successfully deliver a superior solution with tough constraints. This project was memorable as it led to Client delight! The other project was with a company in Charlotte around BizTalk. This project was memorable as I was involved with the client right from pre-sales, consulting, delivery, and support. We were able to deliver exceptional value to our client.

Thanks Radha!

Check back next week for another installment of “Tech Talk”.