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Meet Justin Spradlin, Architect, CTS Mobile

Written by Justin Spradlin on November 14, 2014

Welcome to the CTS “Tech Talks” Series!  Each week we will spotlight a different member of our technical leadership team from around our 6 office locations. This week we start in Mobile with Architect Justin Spradlin.

Justin, how long have you been with CTS, and what keeps you here?
I have been with CTS for almost five years. The constant stream of new and exciting challenges motivates me every day. I love tackling new problems head on and that I am able to learn new technology and share with others.

What types of projects are you currently overseeing, and what technologies are involved?

I have been focused on web-focused engagements for the last couple of years. Some of the most interesting have included hardware integrations also known as “The Internet of Things”. One recent project allowed us to build a web application that used wearable devices to track in real time staff, equipment, and environmental statuses for an entire hospital facility. The sheer amount of data processed and responsiveness required made it a very challenging system.

I have also recently started working in Ruby on Rails projects and more public web facing applications. These present a totally different set of challenges than traditional “intranet” only applications. Building applications that scale for the Internet and support such a wide user base are challenging and interesting.

What was the most recent training initiative your team accomplished? What was the outcome?

Our main objective at the Mobile Delivery Center (MDC) is to be mission ready for a broad number of technologies. To facilitate that goal our team is undergoing constant training initiatives. In the last quarter alone, we completed training for SharePoint Power Users, SharePoint Branding, SharePoint Development, BizTalk, Informatica, SQL Fundamentals, Bootstrap, jQuery, Argo, and Requirements Elicitation. The result of these training initiatives is that we have an office full of mission ready folks who love what they do and are properly equipped to deliver successful engagements.

What emerging trend in technology are you most excited about?

I am really excited about “The Internet of Things” trend. We are living in a time where almost every new device has a microcontroller of some kind. I am most excited to see the new use cases that are created when these devices begin interacting with each other. I am also keenly aware of the challenges that we face as security, privacy, and data portability becomes very real issues. I am both excited and terrified of what the future has to offer in this space.

What has been your most memorable experience at CTS?

I definitely have to say it was my very first CTS Holiday Party. I had recently accepted a new position with CTS and would not be starting until January 2010. CTS welcomed my wife and me and insisted that we come along for the annual party. We were excited to be included before I even officially became a CTS employee. We made the long bus ride up to Birmingham and everyone was so nice and accommodating. I had the most fun “first days on the job” ever. We had a great time and knew after that night that CTS was the right place for me.

 Thanks Justin!

Stop by next week for another profile in “Tech Talks”.