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Meet Tom Miller, Managing Director, CTS Charlotte

Written by Tom Miller on April 30, 2014

Welcome to week 5 of our “Meet the Director” series. This week we are spotlighting the Director of our Charlotte Office, Tom Miller. Tom joined the CTS team in 2009 and has been the Director in Charlotte since 2011.

Tom, what do you like to do in your free time?tommiller

What I do in my free time really depends on what’s going on with the family. Given that my family is in Boston and my wife’s is in Birmingham, we travel north and south quite frequently to visit. Whether it’s heading to the mountains of New Hampshire or the beaches of Gulf Shores, we have our traditions in each spot. In addition to the travel, attending my son’s boy scout meetings, soccer games, and my daughter’s school concerts, I like to spend most of my free time unwinding by watching sport games, movies, and pretending that I have a green thumb in the yard.

Why did you choose CTS?

I have worked for a few companies since I graduated college. I worked for a very family oriented organization out of college before working myself into a larger consulting organization. I truly enjoyed the consulting lifestyle of working various projects with different customers, however, the road warrior aspect was no longer appealing. CTS provided the best of both worlds for me; family oriented organization with the ability to stay home.

What is your favorite Charlotte Fun Team event?

I enjoy all of our fun team events, however, I have to say that go-kart racing was my favorite thus far. We apparently have a serious racing team in the Charlotte office as no one gave each other an inch during the races and I happened to come in second to last each time.

What are your goals for the Charlotte office this year?

Charlotte is looking to grow 100% year over year through our commitment to the overall CTS Mission. This includes deepening relationships with existing customers and developing relationships with new customers. Secondly, the leadership team is committed to working with each of our tremendous consultants to help them grow and learn new skills to help deliver new solutions to our client base in 2014. Finally, I want our great team to become more entrenched in the community through our various engagements that we have ongoing at any point during the year.

You can learn more about Tom’s background and his role on the Leadership Team here.

Thanks, Tom!