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Meet Matt Seese, Managing Director CTS Mobile

Written by Matt Seese on April 7, 2014

Welcome to week 2 of our “Meet the Director” series! We’re moving South next to our 2nd oldest office in Mobile, AL. The Mobile office is a Delivery Center that was established in 2006 and Matt Seese, who was among the first employees there, is the director.

Matt, what do you like to do in your free time?

“I really enjoy being outdoors. Fishing, Golf, Tennis, Hunting, and Kayaking.  I’m from South Louisiana, so the hunting and fishing also provides me with plenty of materials for another favorite past time: cooking.  To me, cooking is a lot like project management. You start with a basic list of requirements, timelines, and milestones. In the end, if you’ve done your job correctly, you deliver a product that pleases your stakeholders.”

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Why did you choose CTS?

“Eight years ago, a combination of hurricanes, government spending reductions, and my wife’s medical residency match moved me to Mobile, AL. At the same time, CTS was opening their first “other office”.  When I met the crew and saw their enthusiasm, passion, and technical excellence I knew I had to be a part of the team. Since then, I have come to know some very fine people and have been challenged in ways I never dreamed of.  I truly enjoy the work we do at CTS and I’m fortunate to be surrounded by some of the best and brightest people in the industry. I love our small company, and it’s family-oriented fun culture!”

What is your favorite Mobile fun team event?

“We have had so many fun events and they are always a good time with lots to eat and drink.  Some of my favorites have been: Sailing on Mobile Bay, Baseball games, Paintball, Mardi Gras, Hawaiian Luau, and Crawfish boils.  It’s rewarding to see my co-workers having fun and enjoying camaraderie outside of our project work. I also like that we include our families and friends in the fun team events. It’s a lot of fun to see our children play together, make new friends, and show our significant others why CTS is such a great place to work.”

What is your professional goal for the Mobile office this year?

“My professional goal for the year is to continue to showcase why we are so good at solving complex business problems. To do that, we’ll continue to recruit the best and brightest, provide outstanding and rewarding careers, and deliver the highest quality engagements for our clients.  With our new office building we have a great setup for collaboration, training, hosting lunch and learns, and fun team events.”

You can learn more about Matt’s background and his role on the Leadership Team here.

Thanks, Matt!