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Meet Ryan Robinett, Managing Director, CTS Birmingham

Written by Ryan Robinett on March 31, 2014

CTS has 6 office locations around the Southeast, each with its own unique culture. In an effort to help you get to know each location and the faces behind it, we’re starting a new “Meet the Director” series. Each week, we’ll highlight a different Managing Director to help you get to know the leaders of CTS.

We’re starting this week with the director of our Birmingham office, Ryan Robinett.

Ryan, what do you like to do in your free time?

clip_image004“I am a Birmingham native and I love the time I spend leading the Birmingham office at CTS . . . if I didn’t I wouldn’t do it . . . but, I really love my time away from the office, too.  I have a wonderful wife and two children (William – 9, Claire – 6).  We spend lots of time at various fields, courts, and outside playing with our golden retrievers, Molly and Murphy.  In the fall, we love attending college football games; in the summer, we love the beach and the lake, and in the winter, we may do some hunting, but we mainly settle down. When I get a chance to slip off and do something by myself, I love to fish out of my kayak.  There is nothing better than paddling the Coosa River catching spotted bass, and I really can’t explain the feeling of catching a 40 lb fish 3 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico in a kayak… but you should try it. We stay very busy as a family, and that is truly the time that I cherish.  We work hard at CTS, but the company allows me to achieve the work/life balance I need to foster a healthy family and a healthy career. “

So why did you choose CTS?

“I told myself when I joined the IT workforce out of college that as long as I was in the IT field, I wanted to work for a company where IT generated the revenue, and thus I have spent my entire career in the consulting industry.  I began my career at one of the top global consulting firms.  My time there was great, but I wanted to join a company that was more personable and allowed me to sleep in my own bed at night.  I found CTS and began as a project manager in the Birmingham office (our only office at the time).  During my time at CTS, I have gone from managing single projects, to building a portfolio, to managing our biggest office. So not only did CTS allow me to be home with my family during the week, it has also allowed me to grow my career. 

Aside from the career opportunities CTS offers me and consultants at all levels, CTS is really a fun place for me to work.  The work changes; the work is challenging; the people are very smart, and we have a good time.  That isn’t to say work is always fun . . . because it is not.  However, the team at CTS cares for each other, and during challenging times we do our best to take care of our clients and our teammates.  This is not the case everywhere and serves to differentiate CTS from other organizations. “

Speaking of fun, what is your favorite local office “fun team” event?

“I like all of our office fun team events because they are genuinely fun.  I have been a part of many work events that were contrived and ‘forced fun.’  That isn’t the case at the crawfish boil, the ‘super bowl’ (bowling), the laser tag outing, or any other CTS sponsored event.  The CTS team works hard and plays hard, and when we have an office sponsored event, it is authentic.”   

What is your professional goal for the Birmingham office this year?

“Birmingham is a mature office and we have deep relationships with many of the large companies in town . . . but not all.  My goal is to see us foster deeper and honest relationships that benefit our current clients and CTS while finding ways to serve the clients where the meaningful relationship has eluded us.  We will continue to set aggressive growth goals just as we have over the last 20+ years.  Our intent is to grow year over year by at least 15%.  That hasn’t been a problem yet. 

Outside of the corporate goals and growing client relationships, I want the consultants that have a long tenure with CTS and those joining the company to find CTS to be a great place to work.  I want the consultants to find satisfaction in their job duties, to take pleasure in serving our clients and for them to be duly rewarded for the hard work they put in to making CTS successful.  If our office can foster a culture that does these things, then the relationships will grow, and our growth goals will continue to be a non-issue.”

You can learn more about Ryan’s background and his role on the Leadership Team here.

Thanks, Ryan!