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What you missed at SPC14

Written by Harry Spiegelman on March 31, 2014

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I got off of that plane in Las Vegas last month. I’ve attended SharePoint Saturdays in the past and assumed that the SharePoint Conference would be similar but in larger scale. Well, that was true..but I didn’t realize how much larger the scale was. There were almost…

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Meet Ryan Robinett, Managing Director, CTS Birmingham

Written by Ryan Robinett on March 31, 2014

CTS has 6 office locations around the Southeast, each with its own unique culture. In an effort to help you get to know each location and the faces behind it, we’re starting a new “Meet the Director” series. Each week, we’ll highlight a different Managing Director to help you get to know the leaders of…

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Microsoft Office 365 for Business: What You Need to Know

Written by Kenny Gordon on March 17, 2014

Microsoft first launched its global Office 365 (O365) offering in June of 2011 and the adoption of the platform has been growing ever since. An estimated two million subscribers have adopted the platform. Subscribers benefit from a continuous release schedule as Microsoft adds new features and functions to O365 components. What is Office 365 (O365)?…

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SQL Server Performance Tips

Written by Dwight McCants on March 14, 2014

Do you ever get tired of waiting for your SQL Server queries to finish executing? Sometimes when dealing with millions of records it seems as if this can take forever. Here’s a chart below with quick tips that will help solve your performance issues when querying a large amount of records using SQL Server.  …

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Six Tips Toward More Efficient jQuery Coding

Written by Brent Wiseman on March 10, 2014

  Since its release in 2006, jQuery has quickly risen to the throne of JavaScript frameworks. It’s (relatively) easy for JavaScript programmers to learn; it’s extensible through an almost incredible array of freely available plugins; and on top of all that, it’s blinding fast, and performance is not generally an issue. That said, I thought…

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