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SQL Point and Business Intelligence

Written by Elizabeth Hutson on February 10, 2014

What on Earth is SQL Point?

SQL Point is a word that we at CTS like to use to describe the marriage of SQL 2012, SharePoint 2013, and all the new BI features therein to provide rich, graphical data visualization that helps end users quickly analyze and understand their business. The features include data visualizations, analytic capabilities, and BI functionalities from various tools including MS PowerView, Performance Point Services, Excel Services, and Analysis Services. CTS Offices are set up to provide SQLPoint demos to your business users and stakeholders with your own data and custom branding that will help demonstrate the power of these existing applications over purchasing additional BI rendering tools.

Why SQL Point?


SQL Point connects all four of your organization’s audiences. The information contained within the Scorecards, Dashboards, Analytical Tools, Reports, and Embedded BI will improve communication and keep all members of your organization better informed.

What Tools Will My End Users Need to View Content?

A SharePoint 2013 compatible browser

What Tools Will My End Users Need to Create Their Own Content?

· Power Pivot: Microsoft Office Excel 2010 or above

· Performance Point: Clicking the “Dashboard Designer” link in the Ribbon will launch the click-once application. Users can then create dashboard items.

sharepoint screenshot

What if I Have Existing Performance Point Content?

There is a server-side dashboard migration feature that will allow you to move content from one site/server to another.

Want to See What SQL Point Could Look Like for You?

SQL Point demos can be spun up quickly and CTS can import your data and create visualizations to give you a feel for how a customized portal could look. CTS then turns your portal over to you, so your end users can use the tools you’ve already paid for to create their own reports and experience the dynamic nature of the reporting features in SharePoint 2013.