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Big Data: Not Really a Hard Concept

Written by Matt Jones on January 30, 2014

Friday, January 17, 2014

1,160,000,000 Google results in just the last month . . .

If you are like me every time I pick-up a magazine or browse technology / business news it seems like someone is talking about “BIG DATA”. Whether you’re looking for trends, tools, ideas, training, false promises, hype, IT nightmares and probably even end of the world prophecies you can find it.

After meeting with both business and IT executives and practitioners across many industries and many sizes I have realized that there is still a lot of mass confusion. Through some really great and some really horrible discussions I have developed a few simple use scenarios that really turn on the Big Data light bulb in people’s head.

A quick list of these scenarios include:

  1. Data Discovery Enablement – utilizing Big Data technologies with traditional business intelligence tools satisfy business users never-ending demand for data.
  2. Turning your Byproduct Data into New Revenue Streams –
  3. My Refrigerator told you what!
  4. Predictive Analytics – Scientist or Charlatan
  5. Comment Fields – IT said you could never get meaning analysis here
  6. Sentiment Analysis – Why men and women both now care about feelings

Over the next few weeks, I am going to discuss each of these topics in greater detail and share in some of the real life conversations I have been having.