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Seven Virtues of Your Career

Written by Cara Turano on March 29, 2013

The following was a speech I delivered to the University of Georgia’s MIS students, faculty, and advisory board members at the 2013 UGA MIS Scholarship Dinner. When Dr. Watson asked if I would speak at this dinner, my first thought was, “last year we had the CIO of a global company with thousands of employees…

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Preparing for a SharePoint 2013 Upgrade: Defining a Strategy – Part 3

Written by Craig Butler on March 28, 2013

By Janice Uwujaren Upgrading to SharePoint 2013 without a strategy is like going to battle without a battle plan. You are guaranteeing failure before the battle even begins. You must decide how you will execute an upgrade before you start. Having a well-defined strategy will go a long way in helping you to achieve the…

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SharePoint 2013 – Revamped Social Experience: My Sites and Communities

Written by Craig Butler on March 26, 2013

  By David Grubic SharePoint 2013 makes great strides at bringing new and powerful social features to the table that previous versions lacked. Users familiar with today’s popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ will see a wealth of modern features integrated into SharePoint 2013. These improvements, highlighted by a redesigned My Sites…

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Preparing for a SharePoint 2013 Upgrade: Best Practices – Part 2

Written by Craig Butler on March 21, 2013

By Janice Uwujaren This article explores five best practices that guarantee a successful, stable, and cost-effective transition from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013. 1. Manage your Upgrade like a Development Project If you think about it, your upgrade is a project because it fulfills a specific business need. Applying the same level of discipline to…

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What’s New in SharePoint 2013 Workflows

Written by Craig Butler on March 19, 2013

By SharePointKG – Kenny Gordon Workflow in SharePoint 2010 The workflow in SharePoint 2010 was somewhat clunky and cumbersome leading some organizations to adopt robust third party tools in order to automate their complex business processes. These tools often require a substantial investment. The workflow experience in SharePoint 2013 is much improved and features several…

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Preparing for a SharePoint 2013 Upgrade: Benefits of Analyzing Your Environment – Part 1

Written by Craig Butler on March 14, 2013

By Janice Uwujaren Effectively introducing SharePoint 2013 to an existing SharePoint 2010 environment can present many challenges and obstacles such as the potential need to upgrade or buy new hardware, operating systems, and databases. Performing a readiness review by analyzing your current SharePoint 2010 implementation is vital to a successful SharePoint 2013 upgrade. When properly…

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eDiscovery Overview in SharePoint 2013

Written by Craig Butler on March 12, 2013

  By Pete DiChiara eWhat? One of the lesser-hyped features in SharePoint 2013 is the eDiscovery functionality and the improvements made to it. For those not familiar, eDiscovery is the method followed for preserving electronic documents and communication for use in the legal system’s discovery process. Given that SharePoint (and while not the topic of…

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SharePoint 2013 – Branding the Top Bar and the Importance of Browser Testing

Written by Craig Butler on March 5, 2013

By Trace Armstrong The SharePoint 2013 upgrades are numerous but the one area that received a huge facelift is branding. The Design Manager as well as the HTML5/CSS3 compatibility gives developers a wide range of design choices in their SharePoint projects. However, one question that has come up with several clients is do they have…

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