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How to pull test cases from Test Manager 2010

Written by Craig Butler on December 6, 2012

Ever had a client or project manager ask for test cases from Test Manager? I have spent hours looking, for a way to do just that. There is a solution!

The cure to this ailment starts by clicking here and downloading the Test Scribe for Test Manager (Test Professional 2010). Once Test Scribe finishes installing and you restart Test Manager, a new value (Tools) will appear in the drop down beside Testing Center.

In the new Documentation section, you will have two tabs (Test Plan Summary, Test Run Summary) at your disposal. The Test Plan Summary offers the ability to view a summary of the Test Execution or to view the test cases in a word document. To view the summary, simply double click a phase of the project. Below is an example of the graph generated.

To view the test cases in a word document, click the Generate button. All test case steps will display in no time.