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Reading Informatica Developer Client File Sources

Written by Craig Butler on December 6, 2012

By: Kaiesha Ford

In the Informatica Developer client, there are two ways to read a file in a data object: direct and indirect. 1) Direct is used for loading one single file. 2) Indirect is used for wanting to load multiple files.

For example, in the screenshot below, I have 7 files that I want a data object to read. So, make a text file listing all the file names you want to pull in. In IDQ, within the Properties tab of the data object, set the Source Type to ‘Indirect’ and copy the name of your text file as the Source File Name.

It’s important to note for Indirect source type, all flat files must obtain the same layout. If you have 12 records in File1 and 8 records in File2, you may not get 20 records unless you are performing a full outer join and none of the records of the two flat files match the other one. If you make an equi-join, the maximum number of records that will display is 12.

A common problem associated with indirect file source involves the record length. I found that within the actual physical data object, data is returning. However, if I implement a transformation, there may be an error reading the data. The default setting is 1024 bytes, and you can increase the size based on your requirements.

I will also note that you can follow the same concept in the Informatica PowerCenter client. However, the layout and screenshots shown in this particular post are specifically for the Informatica Developer client.